• Little Mermaid

    Little Mermaid

    The plot of the play is based on the exciting adventures of the mermaid Ariel on land and under water. About friendship and love, about envy and anger and, of course, about the dream, allowing to connect the air and underwater worlds.

    Fantastic costumes and scenery, marvelous plot, charming voices of actors, magic plastic, all this is waiting for you dear audience. Do not miss!

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  • Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

    Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

    One day, a schoolgirl Olya looked in the most ordinary mirror that hung at home in the hallway, and unexpectedly set out to travel to the magical mirror country together with her reflection - the mischievous girl Yalo. Together they manage to get Gurd's boy out of prison and destroy the evil charms of crooked mirrors

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